This Ancient Atlantean inspired podcast is here to help you reach your

highest potential so that you can create your dream life and dream business
and experience more FREEDOM in your life!

EPISODE #1: In this first episode of Heaven on Earth Podcast Anu talks about the
Atlantean Dream of creating heaven on earth, as well as experiencing more joy and
freedom in your life.

In this episode I talk about FREEDOM because to me there is no Heaven on Earth
without this vital dream ingredient.

To me, Freedom means many things but let me break it down into two main categories:

Inner Freedom is to be who you truly are and not set any limitations or rules to your inner being. Your thoughts and dreams give you and opportunity to experience what it means to be FREE and to DREAM BIG. It feels so expansive and free to imagine yourself succeed in your business, be ravished by love, make a difference in this world or even to FLY. When you feel free within yourself, no earthly limitations will hold you back either.

Outer Freedom is also very important. Inner freedom will help create outer freedom. One of the great freedom qualities I value in my life is my Lightwork. I feel that when we listen to our soul and live life on purpose we can be free. In my work with the Angels and my Highest Self, I get to express my creativity. I get to write books, or facilitate dolphin swims, or create a podcast or I can do anything my soul desires. And that is the ultimate freedom to me which has lead to having freedom to create money and time on demand. If I want to go out for a beach walk in the middle of my day I have the freedom to do it because I am the creator of my life.  

For ultimate Freedom and creating heaven on earth, we need to focus on both of these main freedom keys. Atlanteans lives a freedom lifestyle, in a Heaven on Earth society.

The Atlantean Dream is really the lifestyle of the Golden Atlanteans where everyone lived their life on purpose and thrived for a few thousands of years humans reached the highest  spiritual vibration on this planet so far. We can learn from the Ancient Atlanteans and begin creating heaven on earth once again on our beautiful planet.

In this episode, we will dive deeper into “The Atlantean dream of Heaven on Earth”. 


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