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In this episode #05, Anu helps listeners become aware of how other people affect wellbeing and happiness. She shares lists 8 signs of negativity followed by 8 powerful tools to deal with negative people in a way that is loving, compassionate and aligned with the light that you are.

When we really look at it the biggest contributor to our happiness is our healthy and happy relationships with others. If I asked you what in life makes you really happy, would you say: Money? Fame? A bigger house? Power? Im just guessing but most likely your answer would have something to do enjoying happier relationships. We are highly social beings so our interactions with others are very important to us. When your loved ones cherish and treat you well you feel really happy and when someone you care about treats you badly you will instantly feel unhappier. That is not always the case but tends to be so for us humans. We care about how others see us and what they think about us.

So if the people you interact with are negative and they blame you for the situation they have created for themselves, or always talk you out of making your dreams come true saying its not going to work, its too hard etc you will eventually feel negative within yourself also. So here are 8 simple tools to stay more positive and to deal with negative people:

So here are 8 simple tools to stay more positive and to deal with negative people:

  1. CHOOSE WISELY WHO YOU SPEND TIME WITH. Angels ask you to carefully choose who you interact with and invite into your everyday life. Enter new relationships slowly so you will get a sense whether they are positive or negative influence in your life. Choose to spend as much time with happy, successful, joyful, giving, forgiving, friendly people as possible.
  2. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR REACTION.  Whether the person is negative or not, ultimately you’re the one who is perceiving the person is negative. The judgement happens within you so be aware that you do observe others through your assumptions and old wounds as well. Take responsibility for your perceptions.
  3. SET BOUNDARIES. Learn to say no to people and make sure you define how you allow yourself to be treated. When dealing with negative people, set boundaries for how you deal with them. Someone else’s negativity is not your responsibility to deal with.
  4. AVOID NEGATIVE PEOPLE OR SPEND LESS TIME WITH THEM. You don’t have to spend time with those that bring you down. Life is full of choices and this is one of the most important ones you can make for yourself. Don’t be afraid to walk away if necessary, even if its a family member. Of course, make an effort to compassionately and lovingly come to an agreement first but if all else fails. Let them go. You deserve better.
  5. THEIR UNHAPPINESS IS NOT YOUR FAULT. You are not responsible for anyone’s happiness or unhappiness and nobody is responsible for yours. Don’t try to fix someone and think you can change them if you just understand them more, love them more, suffer a little more. It’s not your job to heal others. Healing and learning can only happen within that person. A negative person will want your energy and you need to gather your strength to not give it away.
  6. ASK ANGELS TO HELP. Angels are your team that will help you bring positivity into your life and protect you from negative people. They will come with you to work and help others treat you better and for you to see what you can do to change what isn’t working for you. They can help you create a shift in your life.
  7. PROTECT YOUR ENERGY. You can use Gold/Blue/Violet light and imagine it creating a shield around your aura. This light around you will protect you and help you maintain your positive light so you can truly shine and be yourself.
  8. BATHE IN THE LIGHT. Be Light, Be Love, Be Yourself. Bathe in golden and white light every day as a part of your life and you will simply become a magnet for wonderful, positive and loving people.

Listen more details and learn to become aware of negative traits in people and in yourself.



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