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In this episode #04, Anu explains who the angels are and why they are here. She teaches you to communicate with these beautiful beings of Light that are here to help. You will learn 3 easy yet effective ways to start communicating with your angels right away and sensing their presence.

Angels are messengers of love and light and they are here to help you live a more fulfilling life. They offer you an opportunity to accelarate your ascension process, helping you reach the fifth dimension and live a heaven on earth lifestyle. Angels can help us in so many ways, all we have to do is ASK.

Open the communication with your angels:

1. Ask Your Angel to Let You Feel Their Presence. Ask an angel to let you feel their presence. Angels have a high vibration and so you can often feel that they are coming close to you. You might feel a change in temperature, feel warm or hot even or chills, or even an electrical current that goes through your body. This is the angels affecting your physical body, the nervous system, and your cells. You may even feel emotional and get a tear or two. This is normal and it means your angel is with you. Ask your angels to give you a sensation so that you can feel they are with you. 

2. Ask Your Angels for a Sign that Your Prayer has been Heard. Angels are very resourceful and will find a way to let you know they are there and are working behind the scenes to answer your prayer according to the Divine Timing. They can bring you signs in form of a white feather, a rainbow, the right words on radio or tv or from another person who happens to say something that seems like an answer to your prayer. Start paying attention to these signs. Look for them, expect them, know that your angels are reaching out to you wanting to let you know you are on the right path, or just that you are loved just as you are. 

3. Ask Your Angels to Speak to You Through Numbers.  Numbers, like other symbols, are ways of bypassing your traditional thought patterns and contain angelic guidance and meaning. like morse code from heaven that will help you be more aware of what’s happening in your life. You might, for example, see the number 444 appear on your clock or on a license plate of a car. 444 means that angels are with you, protecting you, helping you, loving you. 

A letter to Your Angel

In addition, you can write a letter to your angel as in “Dear Angel, Thank you for your guidance. I am struggling with….. can you please help me? Love, Anu”  You can make it as long or short letter as you’d like. Then let your angel reply to your letter.

Quiet your mind, take a few deep breaths in, give your angel permission to write the reply through you. Then just reply to your own letter starting with “Dear (your name),  Thank you for reaching out, I am your guardian angel and I have the greatest joy in replying to your letter…” Just start writing, don’t think too much, just let it flow. You will wonder if it’s from your ego or from the angels. You will know the difference if the letter is positive and reading it makes you feel loved and supported.

The more you do this the easier it becomes. The challenge is not to let ego get in the way and allow yourself to surrender to the experience.


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